Madonna falls during 2015 BRIT’s performance

MaGonna, as Twitter users have labelled the pop star, fell backwards down a flight of stairs during her performance at the 2015 BRIT Awards.

The star quickly took to Instagram to inform the public she was fine and the issue was that her, “beautiful cape was tied too tight!”

From this it can be deciphered that Madonna was routined to untie her cape, and on cue the dancers were supposed to pull it off.

This inevitably became an issue when the star couldn’t do so and was unable to let the dancer know in time, nor at all.

Regardless, the star showed true grit and carried on, albeit in a more low key fashion.

However, concern about the aftermath for the dancer is growing stronger by the minute on the Twitter trending thread. Users seem torn between how as they followed the cue surely they should keep their job, and the possibility that they will never work again.

Personally, I believe it was an easy mistake due to the knot inconsistency, as well as how Madonna would not have been able to stop a live performance to mention the factor that the cape was not undone. This means she therefore was likely to have made her own conscious decision to face the consequences of a more aesthetically pleasing performance.

It’s safe to say, Edna from Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles will be twitching in her fictional existence at how easily the entire situation could have been avoided. In the film the animated character retorts how capes always cause problems and it is best to stay clear of them. I’m sure Madonna wishes she’d have heed her warning and avoided her very public accident.

All I can say is, I hope Madonna makes a full recovery, both in health and dignity, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she gets the compensation she deserves!

Rae Coppola


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