Foo Fighters Tour – Stadium vs. Arena

Being a fan of the Foo Fighters and a happy customer who bought and loved their new album, I was stoked to find out they were touring in the UK – around the time of my birthday too, what more could a girl want? The concert was set to be top notch, with sound support lined up from Royal Blood so I was beyond excited. I’d even researched and found out that Dave Grohl, when asked why he had his mindset on asking the (at the time) up and coming band to perform with them, had this to say:

However, my bubble was shortly burst when it became evident that the venues were few and far between, and all of them were stadiums. In the United States, the Foo Fighters are touring in arena venues, so the question of why British fans are missing out is a complete mystery.

The price for stadium concerts is significantly more expensive than those performed in arenas, meaning it wasn’t viable to put on my birthday list, and even if I was fortunate enough to be subject to one for a present, I’d have a task finding someone willing to cough up and come with me. I say present, because on a student budget of course I couldn’t justify buying one myself. Also, if you’re unlucky enough to commit to the concert after the tickets have sold out, you’ll be looking at tickets costing in their hundreds from people on sales websites, purely because it’s a stadium tour, and sellers know they can charge what they want for decent seats.

The Old Trafford concert itself, the one closest to my university lodgings, seemed ideal. However, the doors open at 4pm. Regardless of whether this is just for people to get inside and settled, or the time the support band were to play, it was still far too early for a concert. Especially one on a weekday. In my experience, before a concert individuals like to have time to get ready, and maybe get in a sociable drink or two, not rush around, and have to set off without having time to eat a hearty meal for tea. Those who are working average 9-5’s or in education until half 3, have no chance of arriving for the unreasonable time posted. An average arena concert usually has doors open at around half 7pm, 4pm is ridiculous.

Taken from
Taken from

Also, being a stadium, the pitch and seating areas are prone to whatever weather issues that may suffice. Imagine getting dressed up to watch your favourite band in hopes they notice you in the crowd, and coming home with a cold, or worse, pneumonia, from the rain, as well as a see through white top.

From my knowledge of music and acoustics the fact that the sound quality in a stadium isn’t great was another thing that put me off. Music reverberating off 20,000 or so plastic seats is bound to have warped sound, especially in comparison to a smaller inside venue. Those situated further away from the stage will not only not get the full experience of the show, but also not even be able to see it very well unless the concert is being viewed overhead with a camera phone, or by looking at the screens. With that in mind, what even is the point in paying for an overpriced ticket.

As you can guess, I’ve not bought a ticket, and as much as I enjoy the Foo Fighters, I’d rather listen to them from the comfort of my own home, than spend a fortune to be late to looking at them on a different screen with worst acoustics, outside, in the rain.

Rae Coppola


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