Spring/Summer Fashion Trend: Flares

The revival of the seventies fashion trend comes to no surprise as it has been rumoured for a while, but 2015 has enlisted the comeback of the flared trouser shape. It’s safe to presume this is one trend I will not be buying from the spring/summer collection at full price, nor as a bargain in the sale section or while a boosted student discount is on.

The shape itself appears old fashioned, all the while flooding images of distressing fancy dress costumes into my mind, rather than the key piece to this seasons fashionable wardrobe.


Runway model’s garments are meant to be over the top and exaggerated, meaning they can easily pull of the fashion trend, but being an avid  wearer of skinny jeans myself I personally couldn’t imagine anything different, regardless of the money catwalk organisers would pay me. In my opinion merely the thought of straight jeans would be pushing it, never mind boot cut, or worse, flares.


I understand there’s a certain way to wear flares, namely with a crop or structured top, but the latter styling is difficult to get right and can lead to the wearer looking frumpy rather than chic. Stylists propose high waist flares to be the way forward, but if not coordinated correctly the latter can still cause issues. In the case of a miracle, whereby a full outfit incorporating flares is devised, the dilemma of what shoes to wear becomes more apparent. From looking at the catwalk images, this fine line becomes all the more clear, with some models not pulling off the look to the best of their and the designers potential.

I’ll be sticking to my skinny jeans, however, if you’re up for the challenge and are willing to take a risk for the sake of fashion, I wish you all the luck in the world and would love to see how your outfit choice fairs.

Rae Coppola


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