Verve Bar, Leeds, never disappoints when it comes to their free entry Double Denim Live music fuelled evenings. The Mexican themed bar offers free tequila for the first 30 entrants and showcases a variety of tried and tested local bands. As a night of good music and better company is inevitable, it’s no surprise Double Denim Live has been dubbed Leeds best indie/rock and roll live music club night.

The gigging room itse11139524_10206518164975178_1494453962_nlf is of a small size, yet this does not in anyway limit the atmosphere within the crowd. If anything, the close knit proximity of the audience creates a united front of support for the band playing, and can even help create friendship bonds with music as common ground. However, if you happen to go to the upstairs bar for a drink, or to the bathrooms, you may have a fight on your hands trying to get back into the basement area, especially on a busy night. Andrew Collinson, bassist of The Rook, even struggled re-entering the busy room, regardless of how his fellow band members were already setting up for their performance.

Organisers Mick and Chantel go the extra mile with the weekly events, by plugging the gigs all over social media, as well as advertising the bands themselves regarding any of their other approaching gigs.

Up and coming band City of Ashes have even labelled them “the most supportive promoters in the county”.

The latter makes it is clear that the organisers care for them and want to see the local bands go far. Four piece indie rock outfit Catfish and the Bottlemen, whom were signed soon after playing at the venue are a prime example, as the pair continue to support their music by playing their album and announcing the tours to show how proud they are of their success.

Recently, the team hosted two all-day events, that showcased exceptional talent from a range of original bands who travelled from all over the UK to be exposed to jam packed audiences. They are likely to already be discovering or holding on to and nurturing the next big thing, and I’m sure they will be repaid by the bands they have helped in due course.

If I were you, I’d attend an event and sign the strong petition to have a Double Denim Live stage designated to the amazing duo at Leeds and Reading Festival. Watch this space.

Rae Coppola


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