Fall Out Boy Support Acts – American Psycho/American Beauty 2015 Tour

Previously, on their 2014 tour, The Pretty Reckless were chosen as the support act for Fall Out Boy. The female fronted support band, who pride themselves on defining rock and roll, were perfectly suited to the concert and warmed up the audience instantly. After Taylor Momsen’s incredible performance I was pumped for the headliners and even tempted to buy tickets to her next headlining gig. The latter ensured I had high expectations for the next Fall Out Boy tour, and I was quick out the bat to buy priority tickets for the American Psycho/American Beauty shows.

Much to mine, and other fans surprise and disappointment, the support acts announced were not up to last years standard. After much anticipation they were released, and I for one could not think of a more contrasting line up for the show. The acts were named to be Professor Green and Matt and Kim. The acts, albeit good in their own right, just do not seem suited for the tour. Fans of the band generally enjoy rock music, not a mix of rap nor an unknown indie dance duo. Although Pete Wentz and the band are big Hip-hop fans who I assume want to share their interests, it just seems odd to subject fans of rock music alone out of their comfort zone, especially after they have paid for tickets, and like me, may feel cheated.

Personally, I think the bad decision will ensure the late arrival of many concert goers, a very busy bar during their performances, or a very quiet audience with little participation that are not pumped up for the headliners. The lucky few, however, whom happen to be fans of all types of music I’m sure will have the time of their life hearing everything in one place. The artist seems like he’s out to impress, already planning a heavier set that will hopefully win over the audience.

Allow me to be cynical though, since I have never been a fan of the artist and therefore did not attend his concerts. Therefore, I am not particularly impressed to have one forced onto me. I’ll be sure to review the concert after I’ve attended, but for now I am judging the gig by the support and do not have high hopes. Fingers crossed I’m wrong and Professor Green prevails meaning I haven’t wasted my time and money.

Rae Coppola


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