Four piece Bradford band The Rook always impress with their original take on then classic rock and blues music genre. Their composing combines tight rhythms with unique vocals and strong lyrics, all of which work together to create a foot tapping, head bopping, tune that captures the attention of the audience. The consistently good performance by singer Dane Vear, guitarist Jacob Briggs, bassist Andrew Collinson and drummer Sam Shepherd, means this is a space to be watched. Until then however, The Rook continue to play local gigs and get good feedback from venues, audiences, and even the newspapers.

 “This 4 piece band are one of the favourites around this bar” – Delius Lived Next Door, Bradford.

“Indie rockers who sounded like they have been a band for years despite their young age” – Telegraph and Argus.

1397223_810514572344108_762170961625646092_oEveryone and anyone that has the pleasure of seeing them will instantly get the impression that all members of the group are down to earth, simply from the inevitable banter between songs. The occasional broken string, dropping of an instrument, or funny concentration face can be forgiven, as they are simply four normal young men still learning and hoping for a break in the music industry, and having the time of their life in the process. As of this, regardless of the positive feedback and comments, the four piece remain modest and humble, always thanking the audience for their participation and the venues for allowing them to play.

After seeing the four piece perform numerous times and hearing them played on BCB Radio, I’ve found ‘Apollo’ to be my personal favourite, with ‘Own Blues’ acting as a close second. Punk rock tune ‘Apollo’ can get anyone dancing with it’s catchy yet slick rhythm thanks to a tight guitar motif that adds a groovy swing to it, whilst ‘Own Blues’ features catchy riffs that build up to a crescendo before pausing and letting the chorus lyric really stand out. The latter takes confidence as both the band and singer, Dane, have to trust each other to stop and start in time, or risk messing up.

The quartet continue to work on creating individual music to fit in with their sound, and have a recording session booked with hopes to release a new EP soon. While you’re waiting, recently released song ‘Whistle in the Wind’ is available on iTunes for download, thanks to the band winning the Amp Awards 2014 competition after impressing professional judges in variety of ‘battle of the bands’ heats. “It’s been a real buzz winning the award,” says guitarist Jacob Briggs, 20. That and the rest of their tracks are available to listen to for free on their SoundCloud page (see below).

The Rook have truly made a name for themselves on the Yorkshire gig circuit and have showcased their talent in top venues including: Sheffield O2, The Cockpit, St. George’s Hall and Brudenell Social Club. Their all time favourite performance, according to bassist Andrew Collinson, was their first time playing at the now close down, Leeds Cockpit supporting The Vendettas, due to the scale and atmosphere amongst the crowd.  Catch them next, again, playing alongside The Vendettas, at Double Denim Live, Verve Bar Leeds on the 24th April ( It’s no lie when I say you’ll be in for a treat.

To keep up with the latest band news and gig announcements you can follow them on Facebook – and Twitter –

Rae Coppola


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