TOP TIPS: First Holiday Abroad

My staple ‘Never-Have-I-Ever*’ statement has always been that I have never been abroad. It’s always been a winner since most people my age around the table already have (on quite a few occasions, may I add) and therefore need to drink up.

Many people are surprised when I mention that I’ve never done the latter, but I’ve never understood why. I definitely don’t feel like I’ve missed out on any sort of experience. I’ve been on countless UK holidays with my family, travelling up and down the country, and I wouldn’t change that, nor all the memories for the world.

There’s lots of reasons why I and other people haven’t been abroad: namely the issue of money, expired passports, family ties, school, a fussy eating brother and working parents – I’m sure it differs from person to person.

All in all, I’m happy I get to face the novelty of travelling out of the country when I’m a young adult and will therefore be able remember what it feels like to take off in an aeroplane and the feeling of being in a completely different country. I wouldn’t ever want to take something like that for granted. The only downside, of course, is that once I return from Kassiopi, Corfu I’ll have to think up a new and improved ‘Never Have I Ever’ proclamation.

For those rare few of you, like me, that despite wanting to have never got the chance to holiday abroad for one reason or another, the prospect of an imminent one is an exciting yet terrifying experience. As of this, I’m planning on documenting my own experiences and collating some top tips on how to ensure travelling and holidaying goes flawlessly.

The list so far goes as follows:

  • Go on a website such as to find out what needs to be done, and when, to prepare for a holiday abroad. I, for example didn’t even know about European Health cards so reading the list definitely proved worth-while.
  • Do not under any circumstances let any mean friend show you videos of plane crashes, thousands of flights happen daily and they rarely go wrong.
  • Make sure to go with someone who has flown before and knows the layout of the airport.
  • Invest in some travel sickness tablets or Kalms, they’ll help with the anxious feeling.
  • Book a VIP lounge, time will fly rather than sitting in a big room waiting to board.
  • Splash on that sun cream as you most definitely will not be used to the heat, nor the routine of covering yourself in SPF 30.
  • If you’re visiting a pebbly beach invest in a pair of swim shoes no matter how unfashionable you perceive them to be – comfort triumphs against aesthetics.

I’ll be sure to update this and add more the week commencing July 13 when I’ve actually experienced my first holiday abroad.

*Never-Have-I-Ever is a drinking game where individuals take turns to suggest a thing they have never done, and if the others playing have done said thing, they take a drink

Rae Coppola


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