Is the ‘14+ age restriction’ too low for children at concerts?

Is 14 a reasonable age to let unsupervised children attend gigs and concerts?

In my opinion, no.

They are unable to drink themselves, and usually turned down from pubs after 9pm, so why is it acceptable for them to be in a crowd surrounded by adults drinking, dancing and jumping around?

All in all, I suppose it depends on the genre of music being played, as a rock concert will undoubtedly be more rowdy than a classical one.

18226_558985737462026_134456651_nAdmittedly, I attended my first concert at 14. It was for alternative rock band Kids in Glass Houses at the late Cockpit ( I thought I was invincible and remember pushing my way through the crowd and even throwing myself into an attempt at a mosh pit. In hindsight, it’s worrying that someone of my age and petite statue was able to do so without having an of age adult with me in the standing area to ensure I came home unscathed.


In my opinion, there should be a rule that no one under 16 should be able to attend a concert where they will be in unreserved standing, unsupervised. This is because although some under 16’s are deemed sensible enough to venture out alone or with friends their own age, the vast majority are not, and trying to filter out the children is an arduous task.

Sitting of course, is the safer option, which I’d say is allowable for an unsupervised 14 year old, as no crowds will be putting concert goers at risk by pushing people back and forth, drinking or doing drugs.

I’d rather the youth of today be safe, than sorry.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

Rae Coppola

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2 thoughts on “Is the ‘14+ age restriction’ too low for children at concerts?”

  1. I can see where your coming from, better safe than sorry, and perhaps your opinion is the most sensible! Although if the desire to go to a gig at 13/14 isn’t half-hearted and just to ‘follow a trend’, then I feel a sort of ‘enter at your own risk’ attitude as it’s unfair to allow the child to appreciate the live music being performed! I say this due to my frustration at that age wanting to go to Manchester Academy/O2 Apollo etc to see an array of musicians and artists, sometimes quite mellow and relaxed, and not being allowed because there was a ‘bar’ and ‘adults drinking.’ I mean like I could ever get served anyway, and when I used to ask people to go to the bar for me at 14, there were always bouncers on the watch… I used to ramble on forever as my parents couldn’t care less about taking me.


    1. That’s a point! As long as people know what they’re getting themselves into, and have maybe been to a concert before then it’s only logical that they’d be okay, but otherwise parents have to be careful and make sure they’re sensible enough not to put themselves at risk and attempt to crowdsurf etc haha

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