I already dislike Facebook’s soon-to-exsit ‘dislike’ button

A Facebook update is rarely a welcomed visitor, and with the notion of a ‘dislike’ button confirmed the looming new and not-so-improved social media outlet will disappoint once again.

In my opinion the upcoming feature has a high possibility of causing upset and is better not existing at all. It cause more harm than good, and create a platform that trolls can use and abuse to bully users. As of this, Facebook will have to take care and vet the dislike system as the risk that some people may take it too far is always there, and their emotional health could suffer from the negative feedback from their own posts. It has even been scientifically proven that those with positive messages on their Facebook timeline are happier and more stable than those without any at all, or with negative posts, meaning the dislike system would only have detrimental effects.

Admittedly, the ‘dislike’ button would be ideal for status’ about the user being unwell or grieving, as well as other scenarios where up voting does not feel 100% comfortable. It could also be useful to demonstrate opposition to a controversial opinion post. Even so, it still seems like a pointless feature, as if a status is sad, users can comment their condolosences, or supportive messages, and if one is out of order, there is the report button.

“Facebook’s so-called ‘dislike’ button will be about kindness and empathy, not meanness or bullying.” – Forbes summing up Mark Zuckerberg’s attitude towards the upcoming feature.

Although I don’t necessarily agree with it, being the sarcastic person I am, I’ll probably use it frequently. However, this will only be with people who know it is not done in a malicious manner, and is purely for amusement reasons.


I believe those that choose to use the button however, should be named, with no option of anonymous disliking. This means people will hopefully think more carefully about clicking on the button, and the user will be able to tell who disliked their post, and either find out why, or delete them off the networking website.

What do you think? Will it be a welcome addition to Facebook or are the officials wasting their time implicating it? Leave your comments below.

Rae Coppola


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