Next: Late Night Online Shopping Wish-List

Following on from the recent announcement that Next now has an order by Midnight for next day delivery service, I thought of all the things on my wish list I wouldn’t mind waking up to tomorrow morning.

As you can imagine a lot of time and effort went into searching the website to find the products, and then eventually narrowing them down.

This list is just a snapshot.



1. Crosley Cruiser Orange

Firstly, and definitely top on my wish list is this new-in record player. It speaks for itself, but even more so in this lovely shade of orange. It’s an item I’ve always wanted, but despite collecting vinyl records, have never actually managed to afford. One day, hopefully soon, this will be mine.

2. Chalkboard and Letter Rack

I’m always forgetting things, but I doubt I’d ever take my eyes off this beauty if it was stuck to my wall. Therefore, it would be ideal for writing little reminders on, give or take the odd silly picture.

3. Double: Cotton Rich Luxe Geo Stripe Plum Bed Set

My slight obsession with geometric patterns drew my eyes to this bedding instantly. That, paired with the fact that the reversible design would match my bedroom’s feature wall, secured it a place on my list. I’d even be willing to part with my current, and beloved, fluffy neutral coloured cushions and throw for new ones.

4. Ballet Dancer Ring Holder and Dish

Earrings, rings and my watch usually all get thrown into the same small box on my desk, as I don’t have the time, nor energy, to continuously put them back into their original packaging after a day of wear. A jewellery holder like this would solve my problem, and even mean that my items could be on display constantly and therefore look decorative all the while being easy to get to.

Shoes and Accessories:


5. Chocolate Leather Stitch Detail Boots

With the cold on its way, the time to upgrade from ankle boots to higher ones follows. These are elegant, stylish, the same colour as my hair, and something I don’t want to endure autumn/winter without. The plait detail across the top of the boot and tassel at the back makes them stand out from all the others I’ve seen, just like how I like to think my style does with me. The leather means they’ll last the season, and if I were their proud owner I’d take special care to make sure they lasted many more seasons to come.

6. Berry Leather Gloves

Woollen gloves tend to make my hands feel dry, so my only option is to go with leather, not that I’m complaining after seeing these ones in such an autumnal colour.

7. Khaki Casual Fringe Across-The-Body Bag

This is on my list to complete my whole outerwear ensemble (peacoat, boots, gloves etc.). The smart-casual style and small size means it can be worn throughout the day, without looking over the top or drawing too much attention.



8. Anita & Green Denim A-Line Skirt

I have similar skirts in navy and white, so my logic is that it’s only fair to get it in all the other possible colours I can find. They are extremely practical thanks to the thick denim washing so well and are ideal for days where miserable weather calls for thick woolly tights and jumpers.

9. Red Embellished Neck Top

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit, than to wear red. Or in my case, red with my brand new khaki peacoat ( This halter neck top would be perfect for an occasion on the run up to Christmas and even the big day itself. I’d be most likely to wear it tucked into a pair of faux leather jeans, but the possibilities are endless.


With Christmas on the way, I had to include a few of my favourite seasonal items for the final three spaces.


10. Mink Fun Rudolph Sweater

Sticking to the Christmas theme, this sweater is next (pun intended) on my radar. The garments fun, but also nice enough for me to wear with confidence. Fabric wise, the retailer have even combined the Acrylic with wool, thankfully meaning that the jumper will not irritate my sensitive skin, and will actually survive more than a couple of washes.

11. Mono Antler Bear Pyjamas

These pyjamas are quirky and perfect for lounging around in. Plus, they match my dressing gown and will make all my housemates jealous.

12. Multi Christmas Novelty Heel Socks Four Pack

Now then, who could have a Christmas jumper and set of pyjamas without cosy socks to match? Or better yet, who would want to? Not me. Straight on my wish list!

Leave a comment below if you’ve seen anything that’s taken your fancy on the Next website, but beware that I may add it to the list.

Rae Coppola

* The images have been lifted from the Next official website, I do not in any way take credit for them.


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