Wish List: All I want for ‘Nextmas’

With only a short while to go until the big day and the NBN competition beginning, I scouted the Next website for the items I’d love to find waiting for me under the Christmas tree on that blessed morning.

As per usual, I was spoilt for choice, and had the dreaded job of narrowing down my favourites!

To help anyone stuck with secret Santa ideas*, I’ll restrain myself from buying them come pay day.

Disclaimer: Don’t be surprised if you see some repeats of things that were on my last wishlist, I just can’t help myself admiring them.


  • Lit Alphabet Metal Wall PlaqueI’m desperate to have these spell out my full (and only short) name, but I’d be more than happy with just the letter ‘R’ to start me on my way. The rustic style really suits the interior design of my bedroom and would be the perfect addition to my colour block feature wall!
  • Cotton Rich Luxe Geo Stripe Bed Set: Again, I can’t help myself when it comes to geometric shapes. My wardrobe is full of things with squares on, and if my bed had hexagons, especially in this colour scheme, I’d be a happy girl.
  • Crosley Cruiser Orange: You may remember this beauty from my Autumn wishlist, but I bet you won’t be surprised at why it’s made a reappearance. The turntable is so stylish and I would love to try out my extensive collection of vinyl’s on it! I always buy them at bargains from charity shops with the hope of one day being able to get my hands on an affordable record player.
  • Lift, Slim And Shape Skinny Jeans: My favourite pair of jeans unfortunately do not fit any more (mind, they did last around 5 years), so a new pair of similar ones in a different colour is just what I need.
  • Black Velvet Flock Leggings: The reviews on the Next website don’t do the product enough justice. After trying them on in store I fell in love. They are comfortable, stylist, and thick enough to be worn as pants in their own right. I’d love to dress them up with a red top and wear them on Christmas!
  • pantone-colour-2016-rose-quartz-serenitySparkle Cold Shoulder Top: Pantone chose ‘rose quartz’ as their colour of 2016, so having an item matching that palette would put me in such good stead for being fashionable in the New Year. Of course, not forgetting my signature ‘cold shoulder’ style.
  • Lipsy Wool Blend Duffle Coat: My winter coat is becoming bobbly and I know this winter will be it’s last. This grey duffle coat would be the most perfect replacement because it is lovely to look at, and has an (essential) hood, unlike the Khaki Peacoat I recently bought that although stunning, isn’t very practical.
  • Chocolate Leather Stitch Detail Boots: Another repeat from my last post, these boots are still high on my wish list. They are such a rich colour, have a fashionable plait and tassel, and best yet, are real leather and should therefore last a long time (ideally forever because they are beautiful and I’d never want to part from them).
  • Mini Scallop Tote Bag: A girl can never have enough bags and I’ve yet to get one in this colour to match my gloves. Plus, the scallop detail would make it look completely different to my other bags.

I hope that you like my Nextmas list! Fingers crossed I get to get my hands on something from it courtsey of @Nextofficial.

150597_10200146589689778_658216056_nWhat’s on your list this Christmas? 

Leave a comment below if you’ve seen anything that’s taken your fancy on the Next website (and remember, you could get it for ‘Next’ day delivery), but beware that I may add it to the list.

*Just to let you know, mum, dad, family, friends, and readers: If I recommend you for a FREE directory account, we could both get £20 off our next purchases (if you spend over £50). Now how good does that sound?!…


‘Click here’

Rae Coppola


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