How to tame naturally curly frizzy hair (without straightening!)

It seems the majority of people with curly hair wish it was straight, and vice versa. However, if people knew the effort involved in taming a curly mane, I’m sure they would change their minds in an instant.

If I, for example, did nothing with my hair product-wise, I would go out looking like I do in the photos below, an utter mess. However, with just a few simple tips and tricks, the mane can be tamed and I can look presentable again without going through the mundane effort of straightening (and heat damaging) my locks.



Try to go as long as you can between hair washes. Twice a week is enough. Washing curly hair more regularly than that will dry it out, and inevitably, lead to even more frizz and bad hair days.

Through experience, I know NEVER to skip conditioner. I’ve also found that using conditioners intended for coloured hair when washing work best, as they aims to repair damaged hair and give the extra moisture hair needs after the dyes have been used. This works in the favour of any curly haired fiend as hair tends to be dry or damaged from all the straightening people do in order to control it. Personal favourites of mine are Herbal Essences and Pantene products, I switch between the two depending on which is on offer. Very student like, I know.

When washing, it’s also best to comb through the hair using a wide tooth comb whilst the conditioner is still on to get out any knots and tangles, as well as prolong the amount of time it’s on the hair before washing it out. This is a hundred times easier to do wet and with conditioner on than it is dry, and means that once dry, hair doesn’t need any hard brushing that may lead to frizz.


Always start by towel drying and applying some frizz ease gel spray (my saviour) while damp. This will ensure the hair dries smoothly, naturally or using a hair dryer. I tend to leave my hair to dry itself until it’s about 90% dry, and then finish off with a hair dryer and diffuser. Before using any kind of heat on your hair, heat defence spray is a must no matter what kind of hair you have. If time is an issue, however, you can always dry it fully off the bat, just make sure to use a low fan setting, and again, a diffuser.

My saviours:

  • VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protection Serum10106987

This product is to be applied on damp hair and has an all in one formula to protect against heat damage, frizz, and to make hair look shiny. The reviews on the Boots website did it justice as I swear by the product, and have nothing but praise for how well it works, and at a bargain price!

  • P10153580antene Pro-V Defined Curls Mousse 200ml – long lasting Hold Level 5

Normally I would opt for a cream rather than a mousse, but I tried thisout once because it was on offer and I thought what would be the harm. The product can be applied to wet or dry hair to perfect curls and give them an extra bit of bounce, all the while maintaining their frizz-free appearance. 

The result:

PicMonkey Collage


  • Improper brushing leads to frizzy hair so start from the ends, always using a wide tooth comb rather than a brush.
  • Always sleep with your hair in plaits, rather than a bun, as it ensures that both sides of your hair are curly with effortless waves no matter which side you sleep on.
  • Have regular trims so that hair continues to grow at a steady rate, and that the split ends responsible for frizz, can be removed.

Hope this helps! Comment below if you have any other products you swear by to achieve a frizz free look.

Rae Coppola


Is Shellac Worth the Cost?

After a near enough three hour trip to the Esthetic Skincare and Beauty Clinic, I left with coral coloured shellac manicure on my hands and feet, and lighter pockets from the price tag it came with.

What is it?
Shellac uses of a blend of gel and nail polish that adds strength and durability to the nails, claiming to reduce chipping and last a minimum of two weeks. Naturally, I decided to put this to the test, and what better way to do so than on a activity-packed holiday to Corfu, where I would be showering daily to get saltwater/chlorine out of my hair.

Two week itinerary/nail watch

Screen Shot 07-16-15 at 02.35 PMDAY 1 (FRI): I began the ordeal of packing for my holiday shortly after returning home from the beauticians.

DAY 2 (SAT): I attended a baby shower, then came home to do more packing with the nails still looking as good as new.

DAY 3 (SUN): I had a LUSH bath bomb bubble bath and got all ready for my holiday.

DAY 4 (MON): I spent the few hour wait before flying in the duty free lounge and then travelled to Corfu. Nails still looking flawless and up for the challenges I had in store.

DAY 5 (TUE): Managed to get my unpacking done and go exploring the village, jumping in and out of the pool and pebbly sea at every opportunity to cope with the heat.11741896_10207301482917637_1085115917_n

DAY 6 (WED): Spent the day relaxing on the pebble filled beach and going in and out of the sea, therefore the shellac on my feet had to withstand lots, and as of this wore off slightly.

DAY 7 (THU): Attended a water park where we were in and out of the water on rides andwhen running my 11739551_10207301483037640_59656638_nhands through my hair I could feel the shellac catching, but not coming off.

DAY 8 (FRI): Again, spent the day relaxing on the pebble filled beach and going in and out of the sea and pool. The thumb nail on my left hand chipped at the top.

DAY 9 (SAT): Today consisted 10726339_10207301482997639_706689662_nof a boat trip with lots of jumping into the sea to cool off, again with my hands catching on my hair whilst combing through it. However, my nails survived the inflatable ringo water sports activity.

DAY 10 (SUN): Went on another boat trip, but this time to a beach where games were played and later went on a night out, as you can see the nail varnish still looks reasonably good, considering.

11755083_10207296316228473_5477566214090359261_nDAY 11 (MON): I did lots of jumping into the sea and pool to make the most of our last day, noticing that my nails were growing and with it the shellac was being pushed up. Flew home.

DAY 12 (TUE): Unpacked and had a long bath to relax, with little bits of shellac coming off in the tub due to catching on my wet hair, yet again.

DAY 13 (WED): Lazy day where no change occurred to my nails.

DAY 14 (THU): Nail varnish still on every nail and at a glance (without too much inspection) still looking reasonable.

My shellac withstood the arduous tests abroad and home in the UK with them still looking11739672_10207301482837635_876189529_n reasonably good after the two week minimum lasting period. It seems I could even use a similar colour nail varnish to fill in the gaps and allow my nails to stay painted for another week or two. Normal nail varnish would not have lasted two minutes, especially facing the conditions the shellac did, so it was definitely a wise choice to have them done professionally ready for my holiday. I would definitely recommend a shellac manicure, especially for a holiday, as like it says on the tin, it reduces chipping and lasts for a good two weeks, if not longer.

Rae Coppola