Next: Late Night Online Shopping Wish-List

Following on from the recent announcement that Next now has an order by Midnight for next day delivery service, I thought of all the things on my wish list I wouldn’t mind waking up to tomorrow morning.

As you can imagine a lot of time and effort went into searching the website to find the products, and then eventually narrowing them down.

This list is just a snapshot.



1. Crosley Cruiser Orange

Firstly, and definitely top on my wish list is this new-in record player. It speaks for itself, but even more so in this lovely shade of orange. It’s an item I’ve always wanted, but despite collecting vinyl records, have never actually managed to afford. One day, hopefully soon, this will be mine.

2. Chalkboard and Letter Rack

I’m always forgetting things, but I doubt I’d ever take my eyes off this beauty if it was stuck to my wall. Therefore, it would be ideal for writing little reminders on, give or take the odd silly picture.

3. Double: Cotton Rich Luxe Geo Stripe Plum Bed Set

My slight obsession with geometric patterns drew my eyes to this bedding instantly. That, paired with the fact that the reversible design would match my bedroom’s feature wall, secured it a place on my list. I’d even be willing to part with my current, and beloved, fluffy neutral coloured cushions and throw for new ones.

4. Ballet Dancer Ring Holder and Dish

Earrings, rings and my watch usually all get thrown into the same small box on my desk, as I don’t have the time, nor energy, to continuously put them back into their original packaging after a day of wear. A jewellery holder like this would solve my problem, and even mean that my items could be on display constantly and therefore look decorative all the while being easy to get to.

Shoes and Accessories:


5. Chocolate Leather Stitch Detail Boots

With the cold on its way, the time to upgrade from ankle boots to higher ones follows. These are elegant, stylish, the same colour as my hair, and something I don’t want to endure autumn/winter without. The plait detail across the top of the boot and tassel at the back makes them stand out from all the others I’ve seen, just like how I like to think my style does with me. The leather means they’ll last the season, and if I were their proud owner I’d take special care to make sure they lasted many more seasons to come.

6. Berry Leather Gloves

Woollen gloves tend to make my hands feel dry, so my only option is to go with leather, not that I’m complaining after seeing these ones in such an autumnal colour.

7. Khaki Casual Fringe Across-The-Body Bag

This is on my list to complete my whole outerwear ensemble (peacoat, boots, gloves etc.). The smart-casual style and small size means it can be worn throughout the day, without looking over the top or drawing too much attention.



8. Anita & Green Denim A-Line Skirt

I have similar skirts in navy and white, so my logic is that it’s only fair to get it in all the other possible colours I can find. They are extremely practical thanks to the thick denim washing so well and are ideal for days where miserable weather calls for thick woolly tights and jumpers.

9. Red Embellished Neck Top

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit, than to wear red. Or in my case, red with my brand new khaki peacoat ( This halter neck top would be perfect for an occasion on the run up to Christmas and even the big day itself. I’d be most likely to wear it tucked into a pair of faux leather jeans, but the possibilities are endless.


With Christmas on the way, I had to include a few of my favourite seasonal items for the final three spaces.


10. Mink Fun Rudolph Sweater

Sticking to the Christmas theme, this sweater is next (pun intended) on my radar. The garments fun, but also nice enough for me to wear with confidence. Fabric wise, the retailer have even combined the Acrylic with wool, thankfully meaning that the jumper will not irritate my sensitive skin, and will actually survive more than a couple of washes.

11. Mono Antler Bear Pyjamas

These pyjamas are quirky and perfect for lounging around in. Plus, they match my dressing gown and will make all my housemates jealous.

12. Multi Christmas Novelty Heel Socks Four Pack

Now then, who could have a Christmas jumper and set of pyjamas without cosy socks to match? Or better yet, who would want to? Not me. Straight on my wish list!

Leave a comment below if you’ve seen anything that’s taken your fancy on the Next website, but beware that I may add it to the list.

Rae Coppola

* The images have been lifted from the Next official website, I do not in any way take credit for them.


AUTUMN BUYS: My ‘Next’ Shopping Haul

After months of looking wishfully through the catalogue and using my mother’s Next directory card, I finally realised I could have her recommend me for my own, thus earning us both £20 off a £50 spend.

Naturally, I took full advantage of this on both full price and clearance items.


  1. Khaki Peacoat – £55

As an autumn must have I’d had this beauty saved to my favourites bar ever since it hit the website, and then after seeing it in-store and trying it on, I knew it had to be mine. The colour is on trend, and the ensemble can be completed with neutral accessories such as a hat and scarf. The hat, again, bought from Next last year.

  1. White dungarees – £13

I actually thought ahead with this purchase, as although it’s definitely not the season to wear white dungarees, they would be perfect to take on my inevitable summer holiday next year, or to wear when the weather gets a tad warmer. Being white they will go with anything, and be timeless, meaning that they are something I can keep and wear year after wear. Plus, buying them now meant that I got them for a lovely price, and didn’t break the bank like I know I would have done if I bought them in the summer – if they were even still in stock in my size.

  1. Leather look pleated skirt – £6

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this item while searching through the further reductions section of the clearance pages. At £6 (reduced from £32), this faux leather skirt was an absolute bargain, and my only regret was not buying another for my friends birthday. I’d work my look around the current ‘gothic romance’ trend, making sure to vamp up my eye make-up with heavy liner, and wear a dark berry colour on my lips. However, since it flares out quite a lot, linking in with the 70’s revival, I’d definitely have to style it with a tight fitting top as to not lose my figure, but that’s a price, pun intended, I’m willing to pay.

You got short changed girl, I win.

  1. Mink 70’s Platform Heels – £17

I thought I’d get some shoes to match the 2015 70’s fashion trend, and these seemed ideal. After seeing them in black I was tempted, but this mink colour had my heart set. It makes them stand out of the crowd and really showcases the snake print pattern on the chunky heel. That, contrasting with the suede like appearance, means the heels are something completely different to anything in circulation, and hopefully, will ensure no one else wears anything similar on the same night.

  1. Waterfall jacket – £19

With the colder weather settling in, but student club nights ever prominent, it was essential that I buy a jacket to wear over my evening attire for warmth. At least that’s what I kept telling myself to justify buying yet another blazer like item. The jacket is tailored to fit curves nicely and finish off any outfit with a smart twist. I know I’ll definitely get my wear out of a product like this, as a black jacket is timeless and a wardrobe must-have. Or in my case, a wardrobe that must have lots.

Total amount spent = £110 (minus the £20 for being recommended by my mother = £90). I regret nothing.

Let me know if you’ve found any great buys in the autumn collection or mid-season sale that I may have missed!

Rae Coppola

7 days, 7 items, 7 different looks: Mix and match fresher’s outfits for women 2015

  • Little black dress (LBD): As a wardrobe essential, I doubt anyone reading this post does not own one. A plain-ish one would be best for freshers as you don’t want to stand out too much, and you want to be able to dress it up or down with accessories and layers for different looks.
  • Patterned blazer: If there’s a chill in the air, this is one thing you will not regret as queues at fresher events are ridiculously long, and the dreaded flu will ruin your fun. Plus, a patterned blazer can instantly make any outfit look different, meaning you can wear the same thing more than once.
  • Black skirt: As the black skirt is so versatile, a style to suit everyone’s needs is out there, whether it be straight or skater shaped, long or short, plain or fancy, etc. To add an extra bit of glamour I opted for a black skirt with a front zip from New Look.
  • Coloured/patterned skirt: These can instantly make plain black top look glamorous enough for a night out. The coloured skirt makes a change from the usual black one, ad the patterned one shows unique style.
  • Plain black top: As another wardrobe staple I’m sure most already have plenty of black tops. The one you wear has to be plain however, in order to draw attention to the skirts it will be worn with.
  • Leather look jeans: These jeans always seem to be in fashion, as they can be dressed up or down, and are perfect for days where it’s a bit colder and you want your legs covered up.
  • Bardot top: Exposed shoulders are very on trend at the moment, so this kind of top will be perfect for freshers. Also, they tend to look really effective with necklaces, so accessorize away!

NOTE: I’ve not accounted for shoes, but I’d recommend flats, or if your adamant about wearing heels, go for chunky ones so your feet survive the night.

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10 Last Minute Fancy Dress Ideas

Everyone loves a good fancy dress party where everyone makes an effort. However, if you’ve been busy and left it too late to find a costume you could end up sticking out like a sore thumb. Here’s my DIY list on creating a minimally priced last minute costume just as wearable as those that have been planned for weeks.

  1. Roman/Greek Goddess

This is by far the most simple yet effective last minute costume idea. All you need to do is drape a white bed sheet over one shoulder, securing with safety pins, and wear gold or brown sandals. For extra detail, you could even plait your hair, add a rope belt, wear gold bangles, or put a wreath headband on. As you can see, I only had a double bed sheet so had to make do with a towel.

  1. Bank robber/Sailor/Where’s Waldo

If you don’t have one striped item in your wardrobe already I will be extremely surprised. Whether it be black and white, blue and white, or red and white, you can make a costume out of it.

download (7)

  1. Addams Family Member

If you happen to have black clothing in your wardrobe and hair long enough to split into two plaits, you can’t go wrong with this effortless Wednesday Addams costume. Add a white collar to get the complete look. For Morticia Addams split your hair into a middle parting, wear a full length black dress and add heavier make up with lipstick.

download (6)

  1. Cowgirl

Denim shorts, checked shirt and a cowboy hat because why not? The costume should not be exclusive for men.

download (4)

  1. Animal Onesie

Although I myself do not own a onesie, most of my friends do, and the cosy one piece can be used as a costume. If you happen to have a lion one, you can say you’re dressed as Narnia’s Aslan, if it’s a monkey, you can be curious George, if it’s a zebra print you can be Marty from Disney’s Madagascar etc.


  1. Cat/Cat-woman

Sticking to the animal theme, going as a cat/cat-woman is another costume idea that requires little effort and minimal spending. Below to create the cat look I am wearing black faux leather trousers, with a white slogan top with the word ‘meow’ on it, cat ears, and face painted whiskers. For the cat woman look I suggest wearing black faux leather trousers, although jeans/leggings would also work, with a black top, cat ears, and a hand made mask if you don’t have one.

download (1)

  1. Minnie/Mickey Mouse

Whether you have the items for the female or male equivalent, this Disney costume never fails to go down well. It can be reenacted without buying the costume form the shop and instead using your own wardrobe items. The only feature you need to purchase is the ears, the rest of the clothing are things you may already have and can even wear on separate occasions.

download (2)

  1. Egyptian Mummy

Wrapping yourself in toilet paper and tape is more fun than it should be. In the picture below I wore a white long sleeved top and leggings and wrapped myself, with the help of friends, in two parts so I could still use the loo. I’d recommend doing the same if you were to repeat the idea. The costume was durable and withstood a sixth form sports day, so you don’t have to worry about leaving a trail of tissue everywhere you go.


  1.     Geek

Geek chic is always in fashion, but if it’s a cry away from your usual attire making it into a fancy dress costume is easy. Simply wear a shirt and tie (with a pocket full of pens) with a black skirt and white knee high socks. Add glasses, face painted freckles and wear your hair in pig tails to complete the outfit. Maybe even carry a calculator if you want to go all out.

download (3)

I hope my DIY costume list has helped give you some inspiration! Feel free to comment with photos of you trying out the looks or sharing your own last minute fancy dress ideas.

Rae Coppola

When to Stop Wearing Boots

11253779_10206811678672837_397481866_nIf you’re an avid boot wearer like me, you’ll find it hard to part with the beloved wardrobe staple when the warmer weather starts to kick in. I’ve been procrastinating it for a long while, and google-ing when the perfect time to stop wearing them is, yet all answers differ. Some say spring, however, it is spring and knee high boots, especially in suede are majorly on trend this season. Others say summer, but those occasional cold and rainy days still occur where boots are an essential means of maintaining dry socks. So, when is the correct time to give boots the kick, if one even exists?

 Angie: “When to stop wearing boots comes up on our forum every year, and each time I suggest the same thing: weather permitting and if you’re comfortable with the coverage, wear any style of boot year round”

Maya: “Until summer comes to pry them out of my cold, dead, winter-loving hands.”

I say it depends on the type of boots.

11281773_10206811678712838_1128640401_nFor instance, fur lined Uggs have to be the first on the timeline to be put at the back of the wardrobe. Not only would they make your feet far too toasty in the warmer seasons, but they also would not go with the knee length/midi skirts nor tapered trousers in fashion at the moment. Dressy high heel boots, however, don’t particularly have a wear-by date. I for one tend to wear them for gigs all year round to give my outfits some edge – plus, you couldn’t really wear ballet flats with a pair of leather-look jeans.

In my opinion, the rest of the timeline should go as follows:

  • Rain boots
  • Faux fur boots
  • Hardware boots
  • Ankle boots
  • Wedge boots
  • Low heel boots
  • Thigh high boots
  • Riding boots
  • High heel boots

Screen Shot 05-16-15 at 03.15 PMHowever, if you’re partial to wearing a specific kind of boot, don’t let my basic guide get in the way with that. Maybe even buy a more colourful pair than the typical black to brighten up your footwear for a more summer inspired look (I’d recommend reds, pastels and light browns) and go bare leg with or without nude tights. As long as you feel you can pull them off, by all means go for it, especially if the weather’s miserable, or they match your clothing ensemble flawlessly.

Rae Coppola

STYLE ADVICE: Bring Back Polyvore’s “Ask Section”

The archives remain, but gone are the days where you could use the style advice service to ask fashionista’s their opinions on what to wear to any given occasion when facing clothing dilemmas, or give expertise to others yourself.


I remember the day I got the email stating the much loved feature of the website was drawing to a close. I must have asked so many questions in hope that I’d get some constructive feedback on all the outfits I was unsure about for the events and occasions planned for my near future. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in doing the latter.

Screen Shot 03-23-15 at 01.34 PM

Instead, those looking for fashion inspiration have to resort to Lookbook, by which, with the rise of so called “selfie” culture has gone downhill. Rather than showing off fashionable outfits with individual style that make the poser feel good about themselves, people now strive for “likes”, wearing whatever they believe the masses will find aesthetically pleasing. The clothing tends to be handmade, or from expensive shops or boutiques, making it inaccessible to all and the possibility of cheaper alternatives all the more difficult. Luckily, some people on Lookbook are nice enough to give out information on where they got key pieces of their outfit from.

However, if the latter is not the case, the “clip to Polyvore” tool is still present and in working order, ready to find the garment, a link to it and its price (if available) simply after the user clicks on the image. The clipper has acted as a life saver so many times and is a tool I believe every fussy shopaholic should have.

Rae Coppola

Spring/Summer Fashion Trend: Flares

The revival of the seventies fashion trend comes to no surprise as it has been rumoured for a while, but 2015 has enlisted the comeback of the flared trouser shape. It’s safe to presume this is one trend I will not be buying from the spring/summer collection at full price, nor as a bargain in the sale section or while a boosted student discount is on.

The shape itself appears old fashioned, all the while flooding images of distressing fancy dress costumes into my mind, rather than the key piece to this seasons fashionable wardrobe.

Runway model’s garments are meant to be over the top and exaggerated, meaning they can easily pull of the fashion trend, but being an avid  wearer of skinny jeans myself I personally couldn’t imagine anything different, regardless of the money catwalk organisers would pay me. In my opinion merely the thought of straight jeans would be pushing it, never mind boot cut, or worse, flares.

I understand there’s a certain way to wear flares, namely with a crop or structured top, but the latter styling is difficult to get right and can lead to the wearer looking frumpy rather than chic. Stylists propose high waist flares to be the way forward, but if not coordinated correctly the latter can still cause issues. In the case of a miracle, whereby a full outfit incorporating flares is devised, the dilemma of what shoes to wear becomes more apparent. From looking at the catwalk images, this fine line becomes all the more clear, with some models not pulling off the look to the best of their and the designers potential.

I’ll be sticking to my skinny jeans, however, if you’re up for the challenge and are willing to take a risk for the sake of fashion, I wish you all the luck in the world and would love to see how your outfit choice fairs.

Rae Coppola