Cheers to new beginnings!!!

11148695_10206977113648608_2833756408083423001_nIt’s official, I have moved to a new domain, and I am ridiculously proud to say  is now LIVE! 

See for yourself over at:

I’d like to thank my followers and friends for their continued support, and hope people enjoy reading my posts on the new domain just as much as they did here.

As always, I’m very much looking forward to seeing all your comments and suggestions there. They always make my day and give me even more motivation to keep up with my blogging.

Onwards and upwards from here.

Rae Coppola (for the last time on this page)


The Importance of Saying ‘No’

Jim Carrey starred in Yes Man (2008), a film where the protagonist unleashes the power of the word ‘yes’ – for one year only – to overcome his negative ways. It appears to do him the world of good, until it doesn’t. Which brings me to the point of this blog post.

It’s OK to say no.

Not all opportunities have to be taken.

Don’t worry about disappointing others if not doing so is to the detriment of yourself. Just look at the feature photo on this post, that’s me. Admittedly, I am not looking my best (if anyone says I look normal I will not be their friend), because I was feeling extremely unwell on my holiday but forced myself to go out because it was our last day in sunny Kassiopi.

However, sometimes, you have to focus on yourself and be selfish enough to put you before anyone else. You have to turn down those plans, say a night out, when you’re already tired and run-down. You have to cancel and run yourself a hot bubble bath before getting an early night. Don’t worry about what the organisers might think, or might say – your health comes first.

There’s been many a time that I’ve been guilt-tripped into going out when I felt severely under the weather. It’s just made everything 10x worse, and thus made it take longer for me to recover. I regret it every single time, and usually don’t even enjoy myself because all that’s on my mind is how long it’s acceptable to stay before I can go home and crawl into bed. Regardless, I continue to say ‘yes’ rather than letting people down.

However, it’s time to change.

Whilst they say that life is too short to sit around all day, life is also too short to do things that you don’t want to do, when you don’t feel like doing them.

Being at home over Christmas with my family has made me realise that just saying ‘no’ every once in a while can make the world of difference. I’m happier in myself, feel fully relaxed, and my cold’s even starting to go sooner than it began. People shouldn’t be afraid of saying no, they should embrace the power of the word and say it more often.

Try it, and let me know how it makes you feel afterwards.


Rae Coppola

Round up of 2015 #bestnine

Since #2015bestnine is trending, I thought I’d list the nine best things to happen to me this year.

  • I went on my first ever holiday abroad.. and then my second.12443039_10208379674711758_920087177_n
  • I won my first competition.. and then another.FotorCreated
  • I moved in with my best friends.. and my boyfriend.FotorCreated2
  • I hit 2,000 views (and counting!) on my own blog.12435567_10208379676311798_1390474086_n
  • I watched The Jeremy Kyle Show, and The Voice live.12138597_1180407791974121_2542065429433091304_o
  • I finally saw the theatre production of The Bodyguard, with my lovely mum.
  • I got the job I wanted at my University’s SU: Atmosphere Kitchen and Bar and have made so many great friends.12039669_10154268510294937_1405866633601617501_n
  • I took a risk and had my hair dyed the colour I’d always wanted.11058622_10207590891632674_4675326529512848943_n

Obviously there’s been ups and downs, but it seems like my luck is (finally) changing from the better. Here’s to a 2016 to remember!

What are you highlights from the “Year of the Sheep”? Leave a comment below!

Rae Coppola

Wish List: All I want for ‘Nextmas’

With only a short while to go until the big day and the NBN competition beginning, I scouted the Next website for the items I’d love to find waiting for me under the Christmas tree on that blessed morning.

As per usual, I was spoilt for choice, and had the dreaded job of narrowing down my favourites!

To help anyone stuck with secret Santa ideas*, I’ll restrain myself from buying them come pay day.

Disclaimer: Don’t be surprised if you see some repeats of things that were on my last wishlist, I just can’t help myself admiring them.


  • Lit Alphabet Metal Wall PlaqueI’m desperate to have these spell out my full (and only short) name, but I’d be more than happy with just the letter ‘R’ to start me on my way. The rustic style really suits the interior design of my bedroom and would be the perfect addition to my colour block feature wall!
  • Cotton Rich Luxe Geo Stripe Bed Set: Again, I can’t help myself when it comes to geometric shapes. My wardrobe is full of things with squares on, and if my bed had hexagons, especially in this colour scheme, I’d be a happy girl.
  • Crosley Cruiser Orange: You may remember this beauty from my Autumn wishlist, but I bet you won’t be surprised at why it’s made a reappearance. The turntable is so stylish and I would love to try out my extensive collection of vinyl’s on it! I always buy them at bargains from charity shops with the hope of one day being able to get my hands on an affordable record player.
  • Lift, Slim And Shape Skinny Jeans: My favourite pair of jeans unfortunately do not fit any more (mind, they did last around 5 years), so a new pair of similar ones in a different colour is just what I need.
  • Black Velvet Flock Leggings: The reviews on the Next website don’t do the product enough justice. After trying them on in store I fell in love. They are comfortable, stylist, and thick enough to be worn as pants in their own right. I’d love to dress them up with a red top and wear them on Christmas!
  • pantone-colour-2016-rose-quartz-serenitySparkle Cold Shoulder Top: Pantone chose ‘rose quartz’ as their colour of 2016, so having an item matching that palette would put me in such good stead for being fashionable in the New Year. Of course, not forgetting my signature ‘cold shoulder’ style.
  • Lipsy Wool Blend Duffle Coat: My winter coat is becoming bobbly and I know this winter will be it’s last. This grey duffle coat would be the most perfect replacement because it is lovely to look at, and has an (essential) hood, unlike the Khaki Peacoat I recently bought that although stunning, isn’t very practical.
  • Chocolate Leather Stitch Detail Boots: Another repeat from my last post, these boots are still high on my wish list. They are such a rich colour, have a fashionable plait and tassel, and best yet, are real leather and should therefore last a long time (ideally forever because they are beautiful and I’d never want to part from them).
  • Mini Scallop Tote Bag: A girl can never have enough bags and I’ve yet to get one in this colour to match my gloves. Plus, the scallop detail would make it look completely different to my other bags.

I hope that you like my Nextmas list! Fingers crossed I get to get my hands on something from it courtsey of @Nextofficial.

150597_10200146589689778_658216056_nWhat’s on your list this Christmas? 

Leave a comment below if you’ve seen anything that’s taken your fancy on the Next website (and remember, you could get it for ‘Next’ day delivery), but beware that I may add it to the list.

*Just to let you know, mum, dad, family, friends, and readers: If I recommend you for a FREE directory account, we could both get £20 off our next purchases (if you spend over £50). Now how good does that sound?!…


‘Click here’

Rae Coppola

A strike of luck for a cursed competition entrant

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I’m a fan of the #freebiefriday hashtag and always retweet competitions to win goodies.

You’ll also know that I’m extremely unlucky and never win anything.

Anything except for tickets to a concert in London that very night. Tickets that were impossible for me to use while living in Manchester and not having the money for a on-the-day return ticket.

As of this, I always thought the so-called competitions were ways of promoting their own social media accounts with no intention of giving out prizes to anyone but their own fake account holders.

However, last week the game changed and I realised I was wrong.

I entered a competition on the myunidays Instagram account for the chance to win a £50 Asos voucher for myself and a friend.


She really must be a good luck charm because we won, despite hundreds of other entrants. Even with the email in my inbox I still can’t quite believe it.

Moral of the story is to be persistent even when you feel it’s in vain (and to enter competitions on Instagram where there’s less people competing).

Hope this restores your faith!

Rae Coppola

Could YOU go without social media?

Yesterday, I forgot to take my phone out in the morning when I rushed to my lecture. In hindsight, it was probably the best decision I’ve made all week. Despite spending the first 10 minutes retracing steps in my mind in an attempt to work out if I put it in my bag or not, for the remainder I was reasonably focussed, especially in contrast to my usual concentration levels.

Managing 3 hours made me wonder if I could perhaps manage 24? A week? A year? And better yet, if I would even want to?

Australian teenager, Essena O’Neill, was recently in the news for quitting Instagram and claiming social media ‘is not real life’. In her first post, dated 31 October, she challenged her followers to go without social media, and recommended Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now.

But would anyone actually take up the challenge?

Out of curiousity, I asked my Twitter followers whether they’d willingly go without it for one day.

Two thirds of people said yes, I’ll admit I’m part of this fraction, but would the voters actually manage the entire day? Would they have a sneak peak? Would they use someone else’s social media account? Is it even possible to go a full day without seeing some sort of platform?

Those that said no: Is there a justified reason? Do they have it to stay in touch with people they otherwise couldn’t? Otherwise: has social media taken over their life? Are they not willing to even try?

I sure will at some point in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for when the time comes and I write about it.

Let me know if you’ve already tried going back to basics, I’d love to know how it went.

Rae Coppola

Next: Late Night Online Shopping Wish-List

Following on from the recent announcement that Next now has an order by Midnight for next day delivery service, I thought of all the things on my wish list I wouldn’t mind waking up to tomorrow morning.

As you can imagine a lot of time and effort went into searching the website to find the products, and then eventually narrowing them down.

This list is just a snapshot.



1. Crosley Cruiser Orange

Firstly, and definitely top on my wish list is this new-in record player. It speaks for itself, but even more so in this lovely shade of orange. It’s an item I’ve always wanted, but despite collecting vinyl records, have never actually managed to afford. One day, hopefully soon, this will be mine.

2. Chalkboard and Letter Rack

I’m always forgetting things, but I doubt I’d ever take my eyes off this beauty if it was stuck to my wall. Therefore, it would be ideal for writing little reminders on, give or take the odd silly picture.

3. Double: Cotton Rich Luxe Geo Stripe Plum Bed Set

My slight obsession with geometric patterns drew my eyes to this bedding instantly. That, paired with the fact that the reversible design would match my bedroom’s feature wall, secured it a place on my list. I’d even be willing to part with my current, and beloved, fluffy neutral coloured cushions and throw for new ones.

4. Ballet Dancer Ring Holder and Dish

Earrings, rings and my watch usually all get thrown into the same small box on my desk, as I don’t have the time, nor energy, to continuously put them back into their original packaging after a day of wear. A jewellery holder like this would solve my problem, and even mean that my items could be on display constantly and therefore look decorative all the while being easy to get to.

Shoes and Accessories:


5. Chocolate Leather Stitch Detail Boots

With the cold on its way, the time to upgrade from ankle boots to higher ones follows. These are elegant, stylish, the same colour as my hair, and something I don’t want to endure autumn/winter without. The plait detail across the top of the boot and tassel at the back makes them stand out from all the others I’ve seen, just like how I like to think my style does with me. The leather means they’ll last the season, and if I were their proud owner I’d take special care to make sure they lasted many more seasons to come.

6. Berry Leather Gloves

Woollen gloves tend to make my hands feel dry, so my only option is to go with leather, not that I’m complaining after seeing these ones in such an autumnal colour.

7. Khaki Casual Fringe Across-The-Body Bag

This is on my list to complete my whole outerwear ensemble (peacoat, boots, gloves etc.). The smart-casual style and small size means it can be worn throughout the day, without looking over the top or drawing too much attention.



8. Anita & Green Denim A-Line Skirt

I have similar skirts in navy and white, so my logic is that it’s only fair to get it in all the other possible colours I can find. They are extremely practical thanks to the thick denim washing so well and are ideal for days where miserable weather calls for thick woolly tights and jumpers.

9. Red Embellished Neck Top

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit, than to wear red. Or in my case, red with my brand new khaki peacoat ( This halter neck top would be perfect for an occasion on the run up to Christmas and even the big day itself. I’d be most likely to wear it tucked into a pair of faux leather jeans, but the possibilities are endless.


With Christmas on the way, I had to include a few of my favourite seasonal items for the final three spaces.


10. Mink Fun Rudolph Sweater

Sticking to the Christmas theme, this sweater is next (pun intended) on my radar. The garments fun, but also nice enough for me to wear with confidence. Fabric wise, the retailer have even combined the Acrylic with wool, thankfully meaning that the jumper will not irritate my sensitive skin, and will actually survive more than a couple of washes.

11. Mono Antler Bear Pyjamas

These pyjamas are quirky and perfect for lounging around in. Plus, they match my dressing gown and will make all my housemates jealous.

12. Multi Christmas Novelty Heel Socks Four Pack

Now then, who could have a Christmas jumper and set of pyjamas without cosy socks to match? Or better yet, who would want to? Not me. Straight on my wish list!

Leave a comment below if you’ve seen anything that’s taken your fancy on the Next website, but beware that I may add it to the list.

Rae Coppola

* The images have been lifted from the Next official website, I do not in any way take credit for them.