How to ‘do’ Christmas on a budget

Christmas can become a very expensive time if you’re not careful – decorations, presents, food… It soon all adds up. Here are my ideas on how to keep it simple (but still magical).

  • Make your own trimmings and decorations. Maybe not to the extent of our printed out Christmas tree and baubles, but a few paper chains and snowflakes can go a long way in making a room look festive.


  • Set a budget for gift getting and stick to it. It makes sure everyone is treated fairly, and your bank account doesn’t get a shock. Plus, if you’re shopping online you can use cashback sites like Quidco to get money back on things you need to buy anyway.


  • Maybe even set up a ‘secret Santa’ between friends to limit the amount of people you need to buy for. It’s still fun, and everybody will still get something, but it’s a much cheaper alternative.


  • Bake biscuits for guests rather than buying in assorted sets. All you need is bit of flour, sugar and butter so it works out cheaper. Plus, it’s always nicer to eat some home-made baking. Check out a recipe here (if I can do it, anyone can).


  • Shop around when it comes to buying food for Christmas dinner as offers may be on in different places. E.g. you may be able to get your bird cheaper at Aldi, your potatoes at Asda and your dessert at The Co-op – the possibilities are endless. But remember, before you buy anything you should check your cupboards for what you already have!


Hope this helps!

Merry Christmas and happy budgeting.

Rae Coppola